The Vitamins and Minerals Parrots Need to Stay Happy and Healthy for Life!

Shiny beaks, glossy feathers and bright eyes don’t just happen on their own! Beaked beauties need the right nourishment to maintain those plumed silhouettes and ravishing colors that we all love. As bird owners, we know that birds go through many different phases in terms of growth and development. It’s so important to be prepared…

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Basics on Handling and Training Your Parrot

Handling and training your parrot are excellent ways to bond. Your feathered friend will see tricks and trained behavior as socially bonding and interacting, like hanging out and playing with friends. Handling and petting will also increase your social bonding, and knowing how to properly handle your bird is useful in emergency situations. This will add variation to your social time, and be super fun for both you and your parrot!