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About Us

Superior Nutrition for Our Feathered Family Members

At Bird Street Bistro, we’re a little different – but you probably already knew that.

Parrot parents, or Parronts as we’re known, are unlike any other pet owner. We have a unique perspective on life. We have an appreciation for nature, wildlife, and beauty that simply differs from other pet parents – and with the average lifespan of a parrot being over forty years, we also share a commitment to our feathered family members that transcends every other pet owner.

So, yes. We’re different – and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bird Street Bistro was established in 2010 in the heart of picturesque Denver, Colorado. Frustrated by a lack of quality, all-natural, healthy food for our parrots, we set out to create a line of nutritious, delicious, and wholesome food that would promote lasting health and wellness for our beloved birds. Knowing that malnutrition is the number one cause of parrot illness, we partnered with veterinarians and industry experts to create a high-quality line of nourishing, all-natural, organic bird food formulated specifically with parrots in mind.


At Bird Street Bistro, we create exceptionally crafted and expertly formulated bird food that allows your parrot to thrive – not just survive. We deliver high-quality blends that help enhance the health and prolong the life of your feathered friend – helping you both enjoy a happy, prosperous, and healthy life together. Our organic line of parrot bird food features a variety of textures and tastes that encourage healthy, natural foraging instincts and optimal wellness. Each of our products rigorously reviewed, tirelessly tweaked, flock-tested, and parront approved – and we believe the results speak for themselves. Our flock members again and again rave about the newfound energy in their birds, their healthy feathers and improved vitality. With no hidden powdered flavoring, no preservatives, no added sugars, no added coloring, and no additional sodium, we want you to rest assured that our flock is here to take care of your flock every step of the way by providing only the most delicious, nutritious, and healthy all-natural parrot bird food available on the market today.

So, welcome to Bird Street Bistro – where only the best for our parrots will do.