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How to get Started with Bistro Blends

Bird Street Bistro can be a very important part of your bird's diet along
with a variety of healthy pellets, fresh veggies, fruits, and seeds.
Consult your avian veterinarian about your bird's dietary needs.
Follow these easy tips to create delicious & healthy meals for your birdie.
The directions on each bistro bag makes a single batch of cooked food.
For specific bird portion, view our Servings Guide

Bird Street Bistro can be served for breakfast & dinner.

Dispose of the food within 4 hours of serving.
Always keep a fresh supply of water available.

You may store cooked food in the refrigerator for 4-5 days.

Or, freeze small portions in ice cube trays or bags for daily portions. Uncooked food should be kept in the freezer.


It can be challenging to shift your bird to a new food. We recommend introducing 25% of Bistro with the familiar food, slowly tapering off of the old one over a couple of weeks. Crafting your bird's diet with Bird Street Bistro is worthwhile for long-term health benefits.