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6 Ways to Introduce Healthy Bird Food to your Avian Companion

Is your bird a seed junkie? Do you want to feed your bird healthy nutritious food but they won’t have it?

Getting your feathered friend to try new bird food is an uphill battle. We may think they don’t like the avian food we’re introducing to them, but in reality, they may not even know that what’s in front of them is food! Let’s take a look at the 6 best ways to introduce new foods to your feathered companion.

  • 1. Starting when they’re babies is the easiest way. At an early age, birds are more agreeable to foods, not quite as stubborn as older birds. But it’s never too late to get into a healthy and delicious regimen.
  • 2. Introducing new foods may be difficult. Birds may not recognize what’s in front of them and know what to do with it. To help with this, introduce the new food in a familiar dish with other foods your feathered friend already likes.
  • 3. Combining new foods with things they already eat. You may place your bird’s favorite treats (not too much to ruin their appetite) mixed in with Bird Street Bistro’s blend. Once your feathered friend gets a taste of new food, while focused on the treat, they’ll realize they love this new delicious healthy bird food.
  • 4. Introducing new foods in the morning works well with various birds as this is when they naturally forage for food.
  • 5. Consider your Bird's preference with food temperature, some birds like cooked food a little warm, while others prefer their food cool. Macaw, cockatoos, cockatiels, African greys, Eclectus, amazon parrots, all of them have different preferences, discover what yours is.
  • 6. Lastly, you can help your fid explore new foods by letting them see you try it. We recommend you pretend you tried it and not eat your fid’s food (we know it smells good!). Show them just how excited you are about eating healthy and nutritious food, they will want to try!
    Try making the switch to healthy and delicious bird food, take a look at Bird Street Bistro's menu and pick one, or several, of delicious nutritional blends. Visit Store. Bon Appetit!