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Brew Some Health and Bonding With Parrot Tea

Have you ever wished you could share that wholesome, nourishing feeling of sipping a flavorsome cup of tea with your pet parrot? It turns out you can! While your parrot may not be able to wrap his wings around a steaming mug like you can, he can still enjoy all the satisfaction of a cup of tea. Yes, it's time to plan "tea for two" for you and your parrot! Take a look at the basics of preparing nourishing avian tea!

Can You Really Give Your Parrot Tea?

Yes, many parrot owners give their birds tea. What's more, many parrots enjoy drinking tea! However, your parrot won't necessarily take his tea the same way you take your tea. While teas are generally safe for parrots, you should avoid giving them "human tea" that contains ingredients like theobromine or caffeine that are potentially very dangerous for parrots. When you find the right tea formula for your parrot, it can actually be a life-giving, hydrating treat that supports your bird's health.

How to Give Your Bird Tea Safely

While tea time can be a bonding experience with your bird, you should never assume that human "sipping rules" apply to birds. First, parrots should only be drinking herbal teas that do not contain caffeine. Due to the fact that birds metabolize caffeine quickly, caffeine can cause problems with the kidneys and central nervous system. In some cases, the increased motor activity spurred by caffeine can cause everything from seizures to heart attacks in birds.

A substance known as theobromine that is commonly found in caffeinated teas can also be dangerous for birds. This is a chemical that stimulates the central nervous system, cardiac muscles and smooth muscles. It can also have a diuretic effect that causes water to flush through the body.

Tea Temperature for Parrots

While humans may appreciate a steaming cup of hot tea, this isn't appropriate for birds. Make sure to let your bird's tea cool to room temperature after boiling. This will help to prevent any burns or scalding. Your bird will also simply enjoy tea that has been cooled more! Birds don't need huge cups of tea to be satisfied. A serving should consist of no more than 8 ounces to 10 ounces of water.

Skip the Dairy

No, you shouldn't pour milk into your parrot's tea. From what we understand, birds are unable to digest the lactose that is present in milk. Ingesting dairy can lead to painful intestinal issues for parrots.

What Are the Benefits of Avian Tea?

When you source your parrot tea properly, you can give your bird natural herbs,

that introduces special herbs that aren't found in common foods. There is also the bonding aspect. Holding your bird as he partakes in an aromatic, delicious tea break can be a fun way to "pamper" your feathered friend.

leaves and flowers that aide with digestion, hydration and overall health. Many teas actually have anti-inflammatory and calming properties that can keep your bird feeling youthful and vibrant. While a balanced diet is the most important aspect of keeping your bird healthy for the long haul, avian tea can be a nice supplemental treat

What Teas Are Good for Parrots?

Most herbal teas are considered safe for parrots. Even decaffeinated green and black teas can be good because they're filled with antioxidants. Chamomile tea

is a popular option for bird owners due to its soothing, calming effect. This can be a good option if your bird is all riled up about something. Ginger root tea can be good for older birds because it's known to help with circulation and arthritic pain. Rose hips in tea are great for adding a

tangy, tasty citrus flavor that reminds parrots of the oranges they love to eat. Rose hip is actually full of vitamin C that is great for cleansing the blood to help with kidney and liver function. Elderberries in tea provide benefits related to the immune system. Echinacea is another powerhouse tea ingredient that's linked with improved immunity, level blood sugar, reduced inflammation and healthier skin.

At Bird Street Bistro, we offer carefully curated teas that have been vetted to provide the antioxidants that provide support for avian immune systems, skin

health, organ health and mood. We're proud to be able to offer Rising Phoenix tea that guards against inflammation and toxins that can weaken a bird's immune response using lavender flower, dandelion root, dandelion leaf, echinacea, lemongrass, marigold (calendula) and rose hips. We also offer a calming tea called Serene Ade that's made with chamomile, elderberries, oregano leaf, hibiscus flowers, rose hips and ginger root to bring a calming, balanced wave of refreshment.

Explore Parrot Tea for the Ultimate Adventure in Health, Wellness and Bonding With Your Bird

If you're considering adding tea to your parrot's diet, be sure to ask your vet about specific teas and ingredients that are appropriate for your bird. While tea can have a therapeutic effect on birds, it is not to be used in place of veterinarian-approved treatments for kidney, liver, heart, blood-sugar or skin conditions. If you do brew up some fun with your bird, be sure to share your avian "tea time" photos with us here at Bird Street Bistro! We always love toasting to our flock!