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Eight Truths Every Dedicated Bird Owner Knows

Being a bird owner, or parrot parent (parront) is never boring! If you live with a beaked companion, you already know all about the zany antics, tenacious spirit and genial disposition of tropical birds! There are certain little-known truths about bird ownership that only people who have feathered their own nests with feathered friends can relate to! Take a look at eight truths all dedicated bird owners know!

1. There's No Better "Person" to Share Your Thoughts With

A bird is the one pet that actually comes close to talking back! The impressive language skills of parrots and other birds allow you to actually get a little feedback when you pour out your soul after a long day! Yes, most bird owners have perched beside their bird's cage or allowed their featured bestie to climb up on their shoulders during some heart-to-heart talks. That sweet, highly responsive chittering really does make you feel like you're destressing in the company of a best friend who understands exactly how you feel!

2. You Sometimes Need "Alone Time" Without Your Bird as Bird Owner

Trying to make an important phone call or focus on work can lead to some pretty funny antics if you have a tenacious parrot in your house! Parrots and other "talking" birds are notorious for piping up when they see humans talking on the phone! If you're trying to focus on work, your bird often decides it's the perfect time to drum up a conversation that requires all of your attention! Many owners of exotic and tropical birds actually have "quiet areas" in their homes that they use to give their birds some alone time when they need peace and quiet.

3. You're Obsessed With Making Your Bird's Cage as Awesome as Possible

It happens slowly. You might start by picking up what looks like a fun, colorful ladder for your bird's cage. Next, you add in a cabaret-style swing. It's not long before you realize that you've created quite a little avian palace in your home! Devoted bird owners are notorious for obsessing over creating fun, cozy living spaces just for winged tenants. Yes, it's only a matter of time before your bird's cage is a jungle gym, penthouse suite and spa wrapped in one!

4. You've Had a Bird Dance Party

You probably can't get enough of the way your bird's head begins to bob back and forth whenever a commercial with a song comes on the television! When you get a playlist going, it isn't long before your bird is moving side to side on the perch with his head and shoulders rolling all about! Birds simply have incredible rhythm!

5. You Don't Dare Come Home Without Greeting Your Bird First

When it comes to getting your attention, birds have some pretty big expectations! Birds have a habit of locking eyes as soon as they see you walk through the door. If you don't greet your bird right away, expect lots of foot shuffling and wing ruffling until you come on over to give your bird some attention!

6. You've Had to "Baby Proof" Your House

If you're a parrot owner, you already know that these birds have a knack for getting into things they're not supposed to when you give a little space to roam free! Blame it on those large, curious beaks that are able to nibble through everything from fabrics to remote controls. Bird owners who give their pets a little bit of "flight time" in the house know that items like curtains and visible wires have to go!

7. Beak "Kisses" Feel Amazing

Those little soft nuzzlings and nibbles that your bird delivers are simply priceless! Birds that have spent a lot of time bonding with their owners are known to be extremely gentle and affectionate. Although we don't recommend kissing your parrot, a caress on a cheek can be irresistible. The smooth beak and ultra-soft feathers brushing up against your cheeks lets you know that your bird appreciates all that you do to keep him happy and healthy!

8. Your Bird Dines Like a King

When you love a bird, you can't help but to want to give them the best of everything. For birds, good nutrition really is everything. That's because high-quality, nutritious food is the key to keeping a bird healthy and happy for a long time. As a bird owner, you may find yourself constantly looking for the healthiest and best parrot food. Nutrition is what helps birds to avoid painful, depleting health problems like feather plucking, liver issues, kidney issues and vitamin deficiencies. Of course, pampering a bird with food doesn't mean spoiling them with fatty, unhealthy treats and snack foods. Giving birds "human treats" can lead to obesity and other health problems that can create a lot of suffering for a bird. High-quality, organic and carefully sourced parrot food with the right amount of fresh fruits and veggies on the side will provide exactly what birds crave and need!

Bird Street Bistro Is Here to Help You Love Every Moment of Being a Bird Owner

At Bird Street Bistro, we love to celebrate birds and their owners! We know that you do so much for your bird out of love. That's why we work so hard to help you enjoy an easy way to provide your pet bird with proper nutrition in tasty, satisfying varieties they love! At the end of the day, the one thing every bird owner knows for sure is that being responsible for the health and wellness of a treasured bird is no small task!