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The 10 Top Amazon Parrot Species to Have on Your Radar

Fed by dramatic waterfalls, the lush and leafy canopies of the Amazon rainforest are home to exotic, colorful parrots that spend their days nibbling on berries, swinging from knotty perch to knotty perch and being refreshed in natural pools formed during the wet season. Today, many Amazon parrot species are popular household pets. Amazon parrots tend to be bright, chatty and eager for companionship. Are you ready to bring the flutters of the Amazon into your home with a beautiful parrot? There are actually 30 speces to choose from when picking an Amazon parrot to bring home. However, 10 stand out for being perfect companions. Get to know them!

1. Green-Cheeked Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: These chatty and loyal stunners are great family pets that relish human interaction. Known for their loyalty, green-cheeked Amazons are great talkers that do well in busy households! You'll love the distinctive red crown and green cheeks that make this variety so unforgettable. This is one of the rare parrot breeds to actually have a presence in the United States. Yes, flocks are known to exist in Texas. The green-cheeked Amazon can live up to 70 years.

2. Red-Lored Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: They're known to put on concerts in your house! The red-lored Amazon is an intelligent, chatty bird that is known to belt out tunes. This can be a great pick if you play lots of music in your home. Bonding tends to be quick with this parrot. However, you should be warned that they often pick a "favorite human" who they prefer over everyone else in the house. Red-lored parrots also have a reputation for being tenacious. The way this bird's vivid green features pair with patches of crimson on the forehead truly makes it seem like they are hand-painted works of art. Known for their longevity, it's not uncommon for red-lored Amazons to live up to 80 years.

3. Panama Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: There's never a dull moment with these busy, active beauties that make great pets in homes with children. Panama Amazons are the "social butterflies" of the Amazon! Their active, playful nature paired with their high intelligence can make Panama Amazons perfect family pets. They are typically known to be quite gentle and loving. However, they rarely slow down. You can always expect to find your Panama climbing, swinging or dancing in its cage. It's also important to give this very active, energetic breed some "outside the cage" time each day. This is a great bird for an "impatient" trainer because Panamas catch on quickly when it comes to mimicking sounds. This is a very attractive parrot with a mostly green body peppered with yellow triangles on the forehead. When their wings flutter, the red markings on their wings become very vibrant!

4. Lilac-Crowned Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: These petite beauties with unique violet-blue crowns are known for their quiet, gentle temperaments. One of the smaller Amazon parrot breeds, the lilac-crowned Amazon is known for being a very mild-mannered, gentle companion. While beautiful, this bird isn't as talkative as other Amazon parrots. The lilac-crowned parrot enjoys a reasonable amount of interaction and stimulation throughout the course of a day. Many live to the age of 60.

5. Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: This bird's love of the spotlight creates endless entertainment in your home! The blue-fronted Amazon is the "class clown" of the parrot world! These are extroverted birds that thrive in busy, active households due to their love of human interaction. They tend to be excellent talkers. In addition, they will often use their bodies to make entertaining gestures and motions. Be warned that blue-fronted Amazons are known to get riled up enough to scream with delight. One of the most interesting aspects of the blue-fronted parrot is that color patterns and markings can very wildly by bird. The universal trait is a blot of blue or turquoise positioned just above the beak. However, the size and intensity of the marking can range from a deep turquoise to a light blue that is partially buried by yellow. The blue-fronted parrot's body tends to be a tropical, vibrant shade of lime green. This species can live up to 55 years.

6. Black-Billed Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: They are the smallest Amazon parrot species. The stunning black bill of the black-billed Amazon makes this bird easy to identify in a crowd. At just 10 inches in length, they are the smallest of all Amazon parrots. They are also much more fragile than some of the other popular Amazons. For this reason, they are suited for bird owners who have the time and patience to really "baby" a pet. The vibrant green plumage of the black-billed Amazon creates a nice contrast to its onyx beak. The darkening of the neck feathers as they move down from the head creates a beautiful scaled effect. In addition, beautiful reds and blues can be seen poking out from the bird's flight feathers. It's possible for this Amazon parrot species to live up to 30 years.

7. Mealy Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: They are the "gentle giants" of the Amazon. The mealy Amazon Parrot is incredibly big, wonderfully smart and pleasantly docile. These easygoing birds also have a reputation for being easy to train. The mealy Amazon is a great choice for anyone looking for a large parrot that's not quite as rambunctious as some of the other larger Amazons out there. They also happily take attention from anyone who will give it to them! The fact that they don't tend to "cling" to just one person makes the mealy a great choice for a household where everyone will be chipping in to care for the bird. While the mealy Amazon may not have the show-stopping, ultra-colorful plumage of some of the other birds on the list, they do have lovely green feathers with some scattered yellow markings that are very attractive. These birds live between 50 and 70 years on average.

8. Orange-Winged Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: These friendly, mild birds with whispers of orange on their wings have excellent speech capabilities. With just a splash of orange over the wings, this cheerful parrot will bring what feels like a dose of vitamin C to your life with its happy personality! These quick learners can develop very robust vocabularies easily. While orange-winged parrots aren't the chattiest or loudest parrots around, they can sometimes develop a preference for making loud screams. They tend to be quite affectionate. The typical orange-winged Amazon will live for 50 years.

9. Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: People have been keeping them as household pets for centuries. The mimicking abilities of the double yellow-headed Amazon parrot cannot be topped! Yes, this breed has even been known to belt out opera songs! Owners of this bird also love the breed's striking colors. These smart, highly vocal birds love to be the center of attention. They can also be quite affectionate. Always craving attention, they have a tendency to want to bond with one specific person. While the average lifespan for the double yellow-headed Amazon is 60 years, they often live to reach 80.

10. White-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Why We Love Them: They display a great temperament mixed with high intelligence. The white-fronted Amazon is known for its jovial, assertive personality. They are easily identified by the patches of white and blue on their foreheads that stand out against their mostly green bodies. They also have distinctive red rings circling their eyes. Interestingly, this bird can be quite shy when interacting with anyone other than its beloved, trusted owner. However, the fun times really come alive once this bird gets in a playful mood. The white-fronted Amazon is a great talker. This breed is also known to produce everything from sharp squeals to barking sounds! The average lifespan for white-fronted Amazons is 40 years. Is your flock about to grow? Your new best friend might be perched within this list! Once you find the perfect Amazon species for your household, make sure you're feeding your new friend a perfectly balanced diet with organic, high-quality meal options from Bird Street Bistro!