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What To Do and What Not To Do When a Parrot Bites

Our feathered friends can sometimes bite, a parrot bite is something that is known in parronthood. It is important to know the Dos and the Don'ts when this takes place. Do – try to remain calm. Yelling might reward the bird for this negative behavior. Don’t hit the bird or physically punish the bird. This can make the bird more aggressive and it can cause the bird to view you as an adversary and/or it can destroy trust Do return the bird to its cage for a time out and to allow you both to calm down. Don’t laugh if your parrot bites or hinges at another person; the bird might find your reaction rewarding or amusing Do return the bird to its cage if it is acting aggressive toward others. The bird should not be rewarded with being the center of attention it will cause it to lunge, chase or bite people. Don’t “Set yourself up” for a bite. If your bird is territorial around the cage, don’t reach in with your hand. Wait until your bird somes out of the cage and then ask it to step up onto your hand. Do pay attention to your bird’s body language so that it doesn’t have to resort to biting to get its point across. If your bird ducks from your hand or leans away as you try to pet it, take this as a sign that your pet doesn’t want to be petted. Don’t hold a grudge against your bird. Chances are your bird resorted to biting because you falied to recognize that it was fearful, that it didn’t want interaction or because you were interfering with its space. Do rethink the moments leading up to the bite. Were you trying to interact with your bird past its normal bedtime, when it would rather roost for the night? Were you wearing something that your bird might find scary, such as a hat or sunglasses? Were you rushing to return your bird to its cage before running off to work? Don’t attempt to pick up your bird when you are in a hurry or stressed. Birds can pick up on people’s stress levels and can react defensively. Do talk it over with a friend. If you receive the big, bad bite just talking it about with a fellow bird owner can help put things in perspective and help you reevaluate how the bite came to be so you can avoid it in the future. If there are any other tips you would like to share please do so by commenting below.