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WHAT TO DO: When Your Bird is Lost

We'll cut to the chase. Here are a few suggestions to find your lost bird:
  1. Make flyers: go to http://www.goodbirdinc.com/help-lostbirdflyers.html to find flyers templates – Make sure to inform where your bird was last seen.
  2. Send the flyer to all veterinary clinics in your area.
  3. Post your flyers at intersections near where the bird was lost and in surrounding areas.
  4. List your bird at 911parrotalert.com . This is a website that posts lost parrots and parrots that are found.
  5. Post your flyer or something similar to your flyer on craigslist.com.
  6. Contact your nearest parrot rescue.
We understand this could be a very stressful and horrible situation. The more information you are able to post to allow others to be aware of your lost parrot, the higher the chances of finding it. If you have any other ideas please share with your community by leaving a comment below!