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Bird Street Bistro Frequently Asked Questions

We receive various questions from people looking to try Bird Street Bistro for the first time. To help answer these questions, in one place, we decided to create the Bird Street Bistro Frequently Asked Questions List. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about Bird Street Bistro Parrot Food.
Do Bird Street Bistro blends get fed instead of pellets? In addition? Or does that just depend on the bird?
We always recommend speaking to your veterinarian about your feathered friend’s dietary needs. Members of our flock that has done so are currently either feeding their parrots Bird Street Bistro only or a combination of the two. Other things to take into account when feeding Bird Street Bistro is how much time you have to feed them food. Our blends cook as fast as three minutes, which is very fast for healthy and nourishing food. Once your parrot is finished with their portion of Bird Street Bistro you can choose to take away the used bowl and leave pellets for your parrot to have afterward.
I cook so much food, but I have a small bird, what do I do with the rest?
The great thing about Bird Street Bistro is that you can cook a large amount and freeze any unused portions. We recommend freezing unused portions in batches so that you can thaw each batch when needed. Ice-cube trays and plastic bags work Great!
What the best way to reheat the food after freezing?
Stove reheating - We recommend reheating frozen food in a small pot at medium temperature. Add a tbsp of water and slowly break up the ice cube of bistro as it starts to thaw, add water one tbsp at a time as needed. Once bistro is thawed make sure it is cooled to room temperature before serving. If you would like to use a microwave - It may be a little faster. Microwave for 20 seconds at a time (time depends on the amount you put in). Then take out of the microwave oven, break down frozen food with a tablespoon and move around, and then microwave again as needed. Let food cool to room temperature before serving.
How long does a bag last, should unused portions be frozen?
A bag will last based on how many parrots and what type of parrots you have. Are you exclusively feeding your parrot or are you feeding them both pellets and bistro? What type of parrot do you have? These are all questions to consider. You can learn more about how much each parrot eats by taking a look at our parrot handbooks.
Why do some bags say “feast on the fly”?
We have two types of blends. “Feast on the Fly” are blends that cook in 3 minutes. An example of this would be Appleberry, Tropical, CajunBean, or Fiesta. All other blends, such as Cinnaspice Delight, Viva La Veggies, or Hearty Veggies, that do not say “Feast on the Fly” cook in 15 minutes. Do you have any questions about Bird Street Bistro products? Please leave a comment below and let us know! We will add it to the list and share it with our community. The more you know!