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How do you make Homemade Parrot Mash Food Recipe

Bird Street Bistro and Dory share some of the fun ways to add and prepare Parrot Mash Food with the recipes below.

Because I'm only feeding 4 parrots, and they won't accept leftovers the next day.
For all of them, I cut the stated recipes in half. So I use 1/2 cup of Bird Street Bistro and 1 &1/4 cups liquid.

Viva La Veggies and Hearty Veggies

I add about a cup and a half of chopped veggies. Stuff that benefits from the 15 min simmering time.

Some examples are broccoli and chopped stalks, diced red bell pepper, green pepper, shaved Brussel sprouts, chopped kale, de-stringed celery, diced or grated zucchini, yellow squash, chopped sweet potato, chopped cauliflower.

Sometimes I add chopped or diced apple. Also, rarely, but at times I do add frozen vegetables.

I like Trader Joe's Soycuttash mixed veggies with edamame beans and corn and red bell pepper.

Avoid anything with garlic or onion or salt.

I put the veggies in while the water is coming to a boil, at which time I add the Bird Street Bistro mix. Give it a quick stir. Then let it simmer for 15 minutes. Often when cooking is complete, I mix in chopped almonds after a quick spin in my mini-chopper. I add them after cooking so they remain crunchy.


Fiesta and Cajun Bean

Sometimes I combine the two for a different flavor.

As far as additions, I use a lot of the same veggies, but the ones that require more cooking time I grate them with a cheese grater. For birds that like crunchy veggies it wouldn't matter but mine only like crunchy when they're having fresh veggies in the afternoons.

CinnaSpice, Tropical, Appleberry

These are breakfast parrot mash food for my guys. So to these, I add fruit. Grated apple, chopped mango, chopped peaches, strawberry, blueberries, bananas.
When not in season I buy them frozen and dice them frozen then add them to the mix while it's cooking. The only fruits I don't add while the mix is cooking are bananas and strawberries. The strawberries turn whitish and the bananas get mushy. Sometimes I also add cooked quinoa and chopped grated almonds.

Another trick

I often use is...when I have leftovers since my uppity crew won't even entertain anything that comes out of the microwave, (unless it's mine) I will combine a couple of leftover meals and heat them in a pot on the stove in a steamer. That way they get what they want. A fresh meal and me slaving over a hot stove.

I hope these tips are helpful. I'd be interested in seeing what others do. You can never be clever enough to outwit a parrot.



Please let us know what you think and if you have any recipes or fun ways to make Bird Street Bistro. Let us leave your comment below!